Value for money – the search for comedy gold

“…a lot of performers come to the Fringe when they are simply not ready. They’ve not done the work, they’re not good enough and the public go along and have an absolutely terrible experience.”

– Says Nica Burns in yesterdays Scotsman about the free shows on the fringe.

The Lovely Men agree there’s a lot of poor free shows.   What wasn’t reported was the amount of poor ticketed shows there also are.  I wonder what correlation there might be between ticket price and show quality?  And if you’re going to take a punt on an unknown show would you rather pay £10 upfront or leave a donation at your own discretion?  Or indeed walkout altogether.

Pop quiz kids – Which is the best value for money show on the fringe this year?

“Where comedians have only really got 20 minutes of material they are pushing into a 50-minute or hour-long show. …if you are serious and want to be a professional you’ve got to really work at it and pace yourself, and not do it too quickly.”

It’s our first Edinburgh, we’re a free show, we’re also brilliant, and immensely proud of our hour-long show.  It’s an edit from a two-hour-long show we performed in March and we’ve been honing it continually on the circuit since then.  We’ve also been performing together for 10 years, one of our best sketches was devised 19 years ago.  This has been acknowledged by the audiences we’ve had so far – “best show I’ve seen today” said one chap as he dropped a tenner in my bucket.

Yes there’s a lot of crap this year, I remember there being a lot of crap when I last performed here, and that was before the free festivals existed.  It’s the largest arts festival in the world, what do you expect?


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