(Lovely) Man, I feel like a Woman

We have a sketch in our show which involves inviting an audience member up on stage, it’s a popular skit and always gets the audience wired.
Derren Brown famously launches a frisbee into the crowd, the catcher becoming the chosen one, this way he ensures he has someone eager to take part.  No one is ‘eager’ to take part in a comedy show, so we rely on THE LIGHT OF DESTINY to chose our stooge, and the light has always chosen a man.  Until last night.
Men are funny, they amuse us and we can laugh at them.  Women are funny, but in a different way, they amuse us but we don’t laugh at them.  The self-deprecating female stand-up is socially uncomfortable, and more awkward than funny, clown woman is a rare beast.
So the rule is, always choose a male stooge, ideally one with a groups of mates near the front to cheer him on, he must have at least one buddy, the solo stooge is no fun for anyone, and I won’t choose someone who isn’t visibly enjoying the show.  You want someone confident enough to go with it but not so confident they try and upstage things and the L O D has only fractions of a second to decide.
Last night there wasn’t a man for miles – our venue seats about 60 so obviously I don’t mean that literally, but there was a large group of women filling the front two rows, and one of them had been doubled up in laughter from the moment we took to the stage.  It had to be her, I did have second thoughts, but the decision was cemented when I realised she was Irish.  As I said to the Men after “An Irish woman is the same as an Englishman.”
It was unnerving for us all, Andy tried to censor his line “You make me want to stretch my ball sack over your head and smother you to death with my bollocks.” but the audience demanded it stay in.
It worked, she was hilarious, it filled the room, her mates were wiping away tears plus the new element kept us on our toes – which is the whole point why we’ve come to Edinburgh, to learn.  Will we choose another woman?  Who knows.

About Jonathan Lee

Video Photography Lens based artist
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