Thanks to John Seedhouse @leftlung for these animated gifs

…and to Mara Leftlung for these:


Our first reunion gig as ‘The Lovely Men’ – Rough Works: Glee Club 9th Sept 2012.  Thanks to Nadeem Chughtai for the great ‘live’ shots.

Glee 09-09-12 cGlee 09-09-12 f

Glee 09-09-12 e

Glee 09-09-12 g

Glee 09-09-12 b

Glee 09-09-12 d

Some rejected promo shots:

IMG_8046 IMG_8025

IMG_8059 IMG_8031


5 Responses to Photos

  1. PETER SMITH says:

    just brilliant, such talent, such lovely Men

  2. says:

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